6 Powerful Ways to Better Your Memory

We all want to have a photographic memory. Just imagine being able to remember every single fact that you have read since you were a kid. You would be a shoo-in when it comes to game shows and trivial pursuit games. Besides, having a great memory will get you through tough times in college. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with such great memory but there are ways to make it better. Here are some of them:

1. Exercise your mind

The more you use your brain, the more it will be better. When it comes to the brain, there is no such thing as a drain. If you want to improve your memory, then use your brain as much as you can. Read a book. Answer a crossword puzzle. Engage in memory games that will develop your brain’s power.

2. Play memory games

There are a lot of games out there that will help you exercise your memory. Log on to the internet and look for memory games that you can play. There is also the game board mastermind and Games of the Generals that will help you improve your memory and your logic skills.

3. Use visual tactics

Most people who have had to improve their memory have used visual tactics to help them remember things. For instance, if you want to remember a grocery list without writing it on paper, all you have to do is visualize your house and associate every part of it with the things that you have to buy. If you need a bathroom cleanser, then visualize it with your bathroom. The same goes for vinegar and cooking oil in the kitchen or a moisturizer for the face in your bedroom. Thinking visually will help you keep the list in mind.

4. Say it over and over again.

Some people remember when they repeat it to themselves. For instance, the best way to remember the name of a person is to use it in a conversation with that person. That way, you will be able to associate the name with the face right on the onset. It will be easier than to remember that person’s name the next time you meet her or him. The same also goes with remembering telephone numbers. The more you use it and repeatedly use it, the more you will be able to remember it.

5. Eat right

There are foods that will help keep your brain healthy and thus improve your memory. Foods like peanuts, tofu, and milk help keep the brain in tip-top shape. The same goes for fish and meat that have proteins that help nourish the brain and keep it developing. In fact, these foods are especially important for children who are growing because their brain is just developing.

6. Group them

Another effective way to remember things easily is to group them. For instance, in remembering telephone numbers, it will be easier to group them into two and remember them as two chunks than remembering them as seven separate numbers. Thus, numbers are given hyphens to make it easier to commit to memory.

There are a lot of other ways to better your memory but before you can do it, you have to first commit to the task.

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